Kevin Federline Wants More Money From Britney

Kevin Federline is thinking of going to court to ask for an increase in child support from Britney Spears … because he never bargained on having the kids full-time when they hashed out the terms of support.

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ … Kevin gets $40k a month for the 2 kids he shares with Britney – Jayden James and Sean Preston. The amount is predicated on each having the kids 50% of the time. The reality – Britney has had the kids 0% of the time for years.

Sean Preston turns 18 in a couple of weeks, so the support will end for one of the boys. However, Jayden’s will stay intact until around June 2025, when he graduates high school. So realistically, $20k is the relevant amount if Kevin asks for an increase … but that amount could balloon if he proves he needs more money for 100% of Jayden’s care.

As we reported, Kevin, his sons, and his wife, Victoria, all moved to Hawaii last month … a decision Britney ultimately didn’t fight in court.

Kevin encouraged Sean Preston and Jayden to see their mom but wasn’t gonna force them. They passed on saying goodbye. The kids haven’t seen her going on 2 years.

We reached out to Kevin’s attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan. So far, no word back.

Do you think Britney should pay up?

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